Preparation of overviews of sales markets

The main task of the Center is to provide information, analytical, consultative and organizational support to the export activities of small and medium-sized businesses in the Vladimir region.
Preparation of overviews of sales markets
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Marketing research, preparation of overviews of foreign sales markets for export-oriented subjects in small and medium business of Vladimir region.
The analysis of market is a complex and comprehensive study of the market area where a product or a service are sold and need to be studied. For manufacturers a complex and quality analysis of the market will give an opportunity not only to see a real situation, but also it will help to use necessary marketing instruments for promotion products and services in the market, and it means that it will give an opportunity to increase income and take a leading position in the market.
The market analysis will give a manufacturer an opportunity to get information of following directions:

• Study of the market of competitors: quantification of real competitors in a given area, identification of new products, price policy tracking, segmentation of products and services of competitors, etc.
• Definition of implementation perspective of given products or services in a given sales place (a region) and definition of a degree of price acceptability, retail and wholesale price monitoring.
• Testing of new product samples
• Testing of packaging, logo or name
• A study of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, testing advertising
• Identification of consumers' taste preferences (with the help of locations or focus-group interviews)
• A study of consumers’ mood before starting a new product line or a trade mark
• Product image and brand evaluation

With the help of a market analysis production risks can be evaluated, income and necessary expenses can be calculated. A manufacturer who decides to analyze the market needs to take into account the fact that, as any other marketing research, the market analysis makes sense only when it is obtained by professionals.
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