The translation of the materials into foreign languages

The translation of the materials into foreign languages
Multilingual web-sites and documentation not only attract foreign users, but also increase the image of the company. It shows its high status. The translation of the site removes the language restrictions, helps to establish international partnership.

Some people use the translation of the site with the help of online-services. Let us enumerate the main drawbacks of the machine translation: the inaccuracy of information, the absence of proper grammatical structure. In fact it is a simple set of words, which has no sense. The machine translation of web-sites reduces the popularity of given information and the image of the company in general. Moreover your company is a legal entity and bears responsibility for the given information.

The correct translation of the site can be done only by the person who will not only translate all materials of the site but also will adapt the texts to a foreign user.
The Centre of export support in Vladimir region offers services of the qualitative translation of the Internet site, presentational materials of the company into foreign languages on competitive basis, in order to develop foreign economic activity of subjects in small and medium business of the region.

To submit an application for a translation of your materials you need to fill the form of the request for a given service and our specialist will connect with you on this issue.


27 February 2021
Regional News

January 29, implementing the national project "International Cooperation and Export", Export Support Center of the Vladimir region in cooperation with the Committee on Industrial Policy, Science and Import Substitution of the 33rd region held a meeting in online format "Hour with Torgprend".

26 February 2021
Regional News

On February 25, "An Hour with a Trade Representative" in Japan, which was organized within the framework of the national projects "International Cooperation and Export", "Small and Medium Enterprises" by the Export Promotion Center of the Vladimir region and the Committee on Industrial Policy, Science and Import Substitution of the Vladimir region administration. The meeting was also attended by the chairman of the committee on tourism of the 33rd region administration Sergey Ogudin and representatives of Vladimir companies.