Multilingual web-sites and documentation not only attract foreign users, but also increase the image of the company. It shows its high status. The translation of the site removes the language restrictions, helps to establish international partnership.

Marketing research, preparation of overviews of foreign sales markets for export-oriented subjects in small and medium business of Vladimir region.

Organization of business missions of representatives in small and medium business of Vladimir region in neighboring and foreign countries, European Union countries for holding meetings, talks with foreign partners, attending foreign companies.

Consulting assistance is provided to subjects of small and medium business which carry out or plan to carry out foreign economic activity – to the residents of Vladimir region

Organization of participation of subjects in small and medium business of Vladimir region in international exhibitions in regions of Russian Federation, in neighboring and foreign countries.

Foreign trade activity (FTA) is a complex of organizational-economic, industrial and operational and commercial functions of enterprises focused on world market, considering chosen foreign economic strategy, forms and methods of work in foreign markets.


25 January 2021
Regional News

Pavel Shibilov, Director of the Export Support Center, held a press conference. He spoke about the results of the Center's work, assistance to enterprises during the first wave of the pandemic, successful practices of the Center and plans for 2021.

19 January 2021
Regional News

Federal Agroexport Center publishes an adapted translation of the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service's (FAS USDA) annual exporter guide, "Exporter guide - Republic of Korea.