Training on the subject FTA

Training on the subject FTA
Foreign trade activity (FTA) is a complex of organizational-economic, industrial and operational and commercial functions of enterprises focused on world market, considering chosen foreign economic strategy, forms and methods of work in foreign markets.

The centre holds free educational seminars and master-classes on foreign economic activity.

Some examples of themes:
• How to become a participant of foreign economic activity
• Measures of state support of export-oriented companies
• What you need to know at contract conclusion
• Logistics in export activity
• Taxation of export contracts
• Peculiarities of payment and deduction of VAT at export in General taxation system (GTS), Unified tax on imputed income (UTII) and Simplified taxation system (STS)
• Currency control at the receipt of export advance payment
• The return of defective goods implemented for export
• Restrictions on the export of goods, nontariff regulation
• The procedure for determining the customs value of the goods
• Use of INCOTERMS, customs regimes
• Peculiarities of creation of agency agreements when exporting goods
• Organization of accounting of export operations.


20 March 2020
Regional News

In 2019, a number of Federal Laws were amended. Today we introduce you to some of them.

19 March 2020
Regional News

Of the 14 participating companies, 8 attended the seminar “Fundamentals of Export Activities” for the first time! And this is a great result. This means that new manufacturers are turning to the Export Support Center of the Vladimir Region. And we are grateful to everyone who was not afraid of the coronavirus and came to the seminar!