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1 June 2021
On May 28 the Governor Vladimir Sipyagin and his first deputy Alexander Remiga took part in the awarding ceremony of the regional contest "Exporter of the Year in the Vladimir region 2020" among small and medium-sized businesses.

This contest is held under the national projects "International Cooperation and Export" and "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative" to promote export-oriented business, promote foreign trade activities and create a positive image of entrepreneurs. This year more than 60 companies have applied for participation. Overall, 46 companies were selected. Most of the applications were received from industrial enterprises - 28.

- This is clear proof of the strong potential and steady development of industry in the Vladimir region. Thank you for the activity of all participants! The year 2020 was not an easy one: apart from the traditionally fierce competition with foreign producers of goods and services, the pandemic and related restrictions, the closure of borders, the transformation of trade flows, and the reduced needs of foreign partners made adjustments to the export activities of companies. Our exporters passed all the tests with honor. The regional Export Support Center was actively assisting them in this. The regional administration is always ready to give a helping hand to exporters, including newcomers, - said Vladimir Sipyagin.

The head of the region presented awards to the first place winners in each of the five categories of the contest. They also received certificates for 100 thousand rubles, which could be used to obtain services of the Vladimir region Export Support Center.

The best exporters were determined in five nominations.

The first nomination - "The exporter of the year in the sphere of industry".

The winner was recognized the company LLC "TechnoSonus-Center" from Vladimir.

Ltd. "Tekhnosonus-Centre" - one of the leaders in the domestic market of sound-proof, acoustic and vibration-proof materials, technologies and engineering consulting in the field of construction and architectural acoustics. The company works since 2007.

It owns 16 patents of Russian Federation for inventions and useful models for materials and constructions for sound insulation.

Geography of exports: Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.

The second nomination is "Agribusiness Exporter of the Year".

The winner is OOO TD BIAGRO from Vladimir.

Trading House "Biagro" LLC, trademark "Bionit", has been operating since 1991. Engaged in the production of vaccines and veterinary drugs for animals. Now the range of the company has 7 biological and 34 pharmaceutical products. The latest generation of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are being developed.

Geography of exports: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan.

Nomination "Exporter of the Year in the field of services".

The winner is the individual entrepreneur Anna Zhukova, head of park-hotel "Voznesenskaya Sloboda".

Park-hotel "Voznesenskaya Sloboda" has been working since 2008 and gained love and recognition not only of Russian tourists, but also of foreigners. Park Hotel has five buildings, a restaurant "Krucha", which serves Russian and European cuisine, outdoor areas, comfortable recreation areas with three gazebos, barbecue area and beautiful views in the center of Vladimir.

In 2020 the geography of park-hotel exports will include Italy, Germany, Belarus, and France.

Nomination "High Tech Exporter of the Year

The winner - the company from Vladimir, "RM NANOTECH" JSC

(Membranium trade mark) is the only Russian company among the world producers of membrane production which produces a nanostructured membrane fabric and roll membrane elements for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration.

In this area the Vladimir company is one of the largest in Europe.

High efficiency of RM Nanotech products was evaluated by the companies creating water treatment systems for end users, municipal institutions, oil and gas, power, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, chemical and even dairy industries!

RM Nanotech products are exported to 50 countries including Indonesia, Middle East, USA, Turkey, Egypt and Vietnam.

Breakthrough of the Year" nomination

The winner - Polimar LLC (Gorokhovets)

Polimar" company since 2009 is engaged in processing of polymers, produces polyethylene film, specializing in film for packaging of glass containers. The company provides film to most glass factories in Russia and Kazakhstan.

In 2019, glass factories in Turkey were interested in Polimar film.

In 2019, the company had 14 export deliveries to Georgia and Kazakhstan. In 2020 - 33, including Turkey.

Second and third place winners in the category "Industry" were awarded by the first vice-governor Alexander Remiga.

The second place in the category "Industry" was taken by Joint-Stock Company "Vladimir Precision Alloys Plant".

Vladimir Precision Alloys Plant is a producer of precision, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloys, and alloys with high electrical resistance.

The third place in the nomination "Industry" was given to two enterprises at once.

LLC "Deke Home Systems" (Kirzhach district).

"Deke Home Systems" is one of the leaders in the Russian market of manufacturers of materials for cottage construction: vinyl siding, polymeric facade panels, PVC drainage systems, flexible asphalt shingles.

Jewelry plant "Golden domes" LLC (Pokrovsk city).

Pokrovsky jewellery factory is one of the leading Russian jewelry manufacturers.

Nomination "Agro-industrial complex". The award was held by the director of the Department of Agriculture of the Vladimir region, Konstantin Demidov.             

The second place in the nomination "Agro-industrial complex" got LLC "Diet Prom" from Vladimir.

The company is engaged in the production of sweeteners, sweet mixes, confectionery products on sugar substitutes (cookies, rusks, pastries made of flaky dough).

The third place in "Agroindustrial complex" was awarded to the company Gorokhovetskaya Manufaktura

"Gorokhovetskaya Manufaktura" is the producer of confectionery and cereal products under the trademark "Leti". The products are represented in 29 regions of Russia and exported to Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Galina Mardash, the acting director of the Department of Entrepreneurship of the Vladimir region, presented the awards in the nomination "Exporter of the Year in the sphere of services".

The second place in the nomination "sphere of services" took the individual entrepreneur Evgeny Chumak - the developer of computer software.

The third place went to the company LLC "WTO".

The company is engaged in tourism business. Geography of exports Cuba, Italy, China, Spain, the Netherlands, Vietnam.

Winners of the last two nominations were awarded by Alexander Yaroshevsky, director of the Department of Economic Development.

Nomination "High Technology Exporter of the Year.  

The second place in the nomination "High-Tech Sphere" was taken by two enterprises at once.

OOO NPF "Adgeziv" (Vladimir)

The enterprise of a full cycle of polyurethane production in Russia. Assortment - more than 400 types of chemical products for the military-industrial complex, construction, space, mining, metallurgical industry, engineering, shipbuilding and other industries.

Iberus-Murom Ltd. is a manufacturer of a wide range of woodworking tools.

The third place in the nomination "The sphere of high technologies" was awarded to "Emerald Eco-Technologies" Ltd. - manufacturer of professional water treatment and activation systems.

Breakthrough of the Year" nomination

Second place in the "Breakthrough of the Year" nomination went to two companies.

LLC "Bergus" (Bogolyubovo).

"Bergus" is a manufacturer of band-aids, condoms, lubricants, baby cosmetics, antiseptics, baby diapers and pregnancy tests.

PolyEco LLC (Vladimir)

"Poli-Eco" specializes in the development, production and supply of microcements and dry mixes based on them, gel systems for waterproofing, materials for repair and insulation work.

The third place in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year" was also shared by two companies:

LLC "Optikdesign" (Vladimir)

"Optikdesign" is a factory of eyeglass frames. Its frames are sold in almost every optical store in the country. The company cooperates with famous fashion houses, partner of many Russian designers.

OOO "Eva Glass Glass Glass Factory" from Gus-Khrustalny.

"Eva Glass" is a manufacturer of glass products: kitchenware, crockery sets, vases and much more. The company is engaged in decoration, decoiling, engraving and vacuum spraying, artistic painting.

This year it was also decided to award those who applied for the contest. These are 27 companies-nominees:

1. NPP Biotum LLC

2. InterSilverline Ltd.

3. ООО MTK ZiO-Met

4. "KSK Group" Ltd.

5. PA Gefesd, Ltd.

6. Kolchuginsky Melchior, Ltd.

7. GCSZ Glasstar, LLC 8.

8. LLC "StekloEksport" 9.

9. LLC "Door Factory" Kovrov Plus ".

10. ООО Vladtex-Export

11. OOO Kovrov Boilers

12. OOO Baromembrane Technology

13. ZAO Blokform

14. OOO Workshop Art Glass

15. IP Osipov Sergey Alexandrovich

16. Avis Trading Company JSC

17. OOO TD StroyServis

18. LLC "Stiletto" 19.

19. "Modul-LTD" Ltd.

20. CCP "Crystal Ring" Ltd.

21. MilkAgroService" Ltd.

22. TsentrSnab, LLC 23.

23. Kosmos Ltd.

24. LLC "Melagro" 25.

25. LLC "Phoenix" 26.

26. IE GCFH Gabrichuk Igor Olegovich

27. IE Stanislav Gennadyevich Tenyushko



17 June 2021
Regional News

As part of the national projects "International Cooperation and Export", "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship" Export Support Center held a meeting of Vladimir entrepreneurs with the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

17 June 2021
Regional News

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the third reading amendments to the Tax Code, which exempt from taxation state measures to support exporters.