12 May 2020
On Friday May 15 at 11:00 a webinar will be held on the webinar “Customs value: it is fascinating and usefully about the principles and rules of determination”.

Online participation is free, but since the number of seats in the webinar room is limited, it is recommended to order access to the webinar materials in advance.

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About the webinar

The control of customs value upon import is reminiscent of the game of police officers and thieves, where a participant in foreign economic activity must constantly “prove that he is not a camel”. Any declaration with goods “below the risk profile” turns into a game where the customs officer does not believe, and the participant of foreign economic activity tries to convince him by sending a voluminous package of documents after the declaration submitted.
Unfortunately, many of the declarants do not particularly delve into the principles on which the definition of customs value is based, and by what rules it is determined. We will show that the knowledge of these rules and principles can be not only useful, but also unexpectedly fascinating.

The webinar will focus on:
- how the procedure for declaring the customs value of goods in the EAEU has changed;
- as in the EAEU legislation control over customs value is simplified for participants in foreign economic activity;
- What is the statistics of the customs authorities of the Russian Federation on customs value control.

 IMPORTANT! Online participation is free, but since the number of seats in the webinar room is limited, we recommend ordering access to the webinar materials.

Invited Expert
The speaker will be a person who has been teaching customs officers more than 20 years to control customs value - head of the department of customs revenues and tariff regulation of the Russian Customs Academy, Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor Olga Sokolnikova.

Host of the webinar
Alexander Myakota - General Director of Corporate Online University LLC, project manager for Open Customs and School of Foreign Economic Activities.

Certificate of participation
Additionally, you can order a certificate of participation in the webinar. The certificate is issued exclusively in electronic form and confirms participation in the specified webinar.

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