12 December 2019
Regional News
The live broadcast in the Here and Now program on the Gubernia 33 television channel took place. Director of the Export Support Center of the Vladimir Region Pavel Shibilov told a lot of interesting things. Here are some of the insides:

00:39 The peculiarity of Vladimir export is the differentiation of the economy. We do not have one leading region, which is often boasted by other regions. Therefore, all paths are open to us.

02:02 If in 2018 the Center provided 75 services, then by the end of December this year there were already 255 services.

02:50 They love the beautiful word "multiplier effect", it is the effect of the return on one invested ruble. So, for one ruble of invested state money, the return effect is 10 rubles. This is a very good indicator. 04:14 No need to be afraid of us. Our Center works precisely in order to maximally assist entrepreneurs, help and export them.

04:35 The region cooperates with 110 countries of the world and exports 400 types of goods.

04:40 Our traditional partners are the CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, good relations with Germany, France, Italy. We are actively developing work in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

08:05 The first error: only a large company can export. This is absolutely not the case. A small company can also occupy a certain niche.

09:13 Another stereotype: why export, if everything is okay already? If all goes well, sooner or later a competitor will come and occupy this niche, therefore, it is necessary to develop.

10:13 Those enterprises that are going to export, I urge you to visit our website and fill out the Exporter's Questionnaire.

10:38 You must understand that sometimes the product that is actively in demand in Russia, may not be in demand abroad.

12:11 Our turnkey services: preparation of presentation materials, preparation and creation of a website, translation of a website into a foreign language, any expertise in customs matters, registration of a trademark abroad, certification of products abroad.

12:45 But the most important thing is that we have an agreement with the REC Export School. Throughout the year, we conduct 11 free workshops conducted by certified regional and federal trainers.

15:11 Starting this year, we have been registering companies on electronic platforms. We can bring one company to several sites at once.

18:20 Suddenly, different countries and proposals arise. So, a few days ago I returned from a business mission to Hanoi, we took three enterprises there, and very great interest was shown in them.

23:44 We produce filters that are used in space stations.

26:02 We compensate enterprises for the cost of organizing an individual stand in the Russian Federation up to 700 thousand rubles, and abroad - up to one and a half million.

27:03 In order to participate in the regional stage of the “Exporter of the Year” contest, an enterprise must be classified as a small and medium-sized business, the amount of foreign capital in the authorized capital should be less than 50%, and experience in export activities should be at least two previous years. Nominations for the competition: exporter of the year in industry, in the agricultural sector, in the service sector, in high technology and a breakthrough of the year Winners receive certificates for 100,000 rubles, which they can spend on additional services of the Export Support Center.

29:35 Next year we are planning a series of activities related to Africa. This is the organization of business missions to African countries and the reception here of African businessmen. A separate area will be the development of ties with the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

29:53 As part of the national project for the development of services, we will develop the tourism potential of the Vladimir region.



19 May 2020
Regional News

Today we are starting a series of materials telling about Vladimir exporters. What do they produce, how do they survive in difficult times, what plans do they make, and do they consider the crisis a time for new opportunities?

15 May 2020
Regional News

REC experts analyzed changes in international demand due to the effects of coronavirus.