9 December 2019
Regional News
Do you know who were the first specialists of our country in the field of logistics? Military personnel! It was they who, in a short time, at minimal cost, could organize the delivery of the necessary objects to specified points.
This was not only learned by the participants of the seminar “Logistics for Exporters”, which was held by Anna Kochemasova, federal trainer of the REC Export School. In 2016, it entered the top three exporting countries of the country. Now he is actively sharing his experience with entrepreneurs, talking about the nuances of working in the export market.
The last two trainings of this year, which are part of the training course on the subject of foreign trade activities, were held in Vladimir on December 4 and 5.
Each audience gathered more listeners from various companies: LLC Wood Products, JSC RM Nanotech, PA Bergus, LLC NPO Rekona, LLC RDG, LLC Veterinary Preparations, LLC TD Hefesd , IE “Sun”, LLC “ZSO”, LLC “DietProm”, LLC “Russian master” and others.
At the seminar on logistics, participants learned about 7 work criteria for organizing effective logistics; legal support of logistics and registration of transport documentation; product insurance; filling in CMR consignment note, bill of lading, air waybill and documents governing transportation by individual means of transport and much more ..
Anna Kochemasova, a federal trainer who is not the first time providing training for Vladimir producers, left a very good impression.
- I am at the seminar of this coach for the first time. She is very lively, active, not just a theorist, but a practitioner who knows all sides of the issue. Teaching is not stereotyped, versatile, with many specific examples, Elena shared her impressions. She is engaged in everything related to logistics and export deliveries at Wood Products.
- I participate for the second time, I was at a customs clearance seminar. There are very few export specialists in Russia, plus this is a great opportunity to meet with practitioners. The coach is great! He has a special education in America. And it is felt. Everything about the case, everything is clear. There are a lot of pitfalls in this topic, not every person will be able to work as a logistician. Because, first of all, it is stress resistance. The same communication with different contractors from different cities and countries, this knowledge of the specifics of different types of transport, different terms and laws. Therefore, I am very glad that I got to this seminar, a lot of useful information, ”says Denis Razumovsky, head of the logistics group of RM Nanotech JSC.
The second training was devoted to the topic “Taxes in export activities”. Listeners were told about the VAT mechanism; VAT refunds and the ability to manage the VAT deduction period; about the main differences between tax systems and their impact on the economy of the export business and much more.
This year the training seminars have already ended. But next they will resume. Our Center invites all manufacturers of the region representing small and medium-sized businesses to participate in them. Address our experts by phones +7 (4922) 22-25-88, 22-25-98 or send your applications by e-mail: lon@export33.ru. After all, learning is never too late! Tune in to export with us!


19 May 2020
Regional News

Today we are starting a series of materials telling about Vladimir exporters. What do they produce, how do they survive in difficult times, what plans do they make, and do they consider the crisis a time for new opportunities?

15 May 2020
Regional News

REC experts analyzed changes in international demand due to the effects of coronavirus.