19 May 2020
Today we are starting a series of materials telling about Vladimir exporters. What do they produce, how do they survive in difficult times, what plans do they make, and do they consider the crisis a time for new opportunities?

Let's start with the manufacturer of medical devices - the Bergus company, located in the village of Bogolyubovo (Suzdal district). It was created in 2016, as soon as possible a team of like-minded people created a modern high-tech production. The name was given for a reason. It turns out that Bergus is the name of a hero of medieval Russian tales, whose mission is to protect and protect people.

- The choice of areas of activity was determined based on the realities of the Russian economy. We decided to do what in our country is not produced at all or produced in minimal quantities. Adhesive plasters and condoms were chosen as the main directions, ”the official website of“ Bergus ”says.

Gradually, the assortment expanded and is now supplemented with new products: lubricants (intimate lubricating gels), baby cosmetics (shampoos, foams, gels, etc.), baby diapers and pregnancy tests.

All products are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment, including Italian, which has no analogues in Russia. Today, “Bergus” is represented in all regions of Russia: in pharmacies, stores and on leading online sites. It is exported to Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia and Georgia. The first deliveries abroad were in 2019, they continued in 2020.

The period of restrictions associated with coronavirus, the company is quite successful. The company is stable.


- At first, there were some delays on the part of suppliers of raw materials and packaging, but the situation is gradually being leveled. At the moment, no one was sick in the company. All are protected as much as possible. Some office employees work remotely, ”says Natalya Yuryevna Lukashova, Deputy General Director.


Moreover, during the coming pandemic of the coronavirus, the company was not at a loss and began to release new products in April: the antiseptic “Arma”. And not only in bottles of 50 ml, but also in 250.

- Our product has been successfully tested and proven effective in eliminating pathogenic bacteria and viruses on the surface of the skin. The active ingredient is isopropyl alcohol. The gel cleanses the skin, leaving a feeling of freshness and comfort, and does not require rinsing. It contains natural ingredients. Chamomile extract softens the skin, relieves irritation and promotes healing. Vitamin E has a regenerating and antioxidant effect. This is exactly what the whole country is now urgently needed, ”says Natalya Yuryevna Lukashova, Deputy General Director.

Bergus has an active social policy. He is the sponsor of city holidays (Slider Championship, World Breastfeeding Week, Children's Bicycle Festival, stunt shows); cooperates with the maternity hospital №2, supplying goods for babies; provides its products to the “Speed. Centre"; constantly holds contests for its subscribers and customers.

The Bergus company is always involved in all the events of the Export Support Center of the Vladimir Region. Be it training in the program of foreign economic activity at the REC Export School, participation in exhibitions or a photo contest. The last “We export, we have no time to hurt” was organized by the REC, the publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and the STOPKORONAVIRUS.RF portal. It was dedicated to the export activities of Russian companies that continue to work under quarantine conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Bergus took part in the Exporter of the Year 2019 contest and took second place in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination. The award ceremony was postponed indefinitely, but the company will definitely receive its well-deserved prize.

As for the future, the company is looking at it with optimism. Of course, the changing world makes us look for other opportunities and new access to markets. And with this “Bergus” successfully copes.

- At present, Bergus continues to develop confidently. Projects are underway to launch the production of several more types of products. There is confidence that we will bring them to the market this year. While these products are classified, but I hope that they will soon appear in pharmacies and stores in our country and will be sold for export, ”said Natalya Yuryevna Lukashova, Deputy General Director.


29 September 2020
Regional News

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has prepared constantly updated registers of the most significant foreign and commercial tenders and exhibitions in foreign countries.

29 September 2020
Regional News

The monthly mix of production equipment and products of agrochemicals in the online format will be available from 10 November 2020