26 February 2021
Regional News
Logistics and cost of production are the main things to keep in mind when starting business with Japan.

 On February 25, "An Hour with a Trade Representative" in Japan, which was organized within the framework of the national projects "International Cooperation and Export", "Small and Medium Enterprises" by the Export Promotion Center of the Vladimir region and the Committee on Industrial Policy, Science and Import Substitution of the Vladimir region administration. The meeting was also attended by the chairman of the committee on tourism administration of the 33rd region Sergey Ogudin and representatives of Vladimir companies.

 Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Japan, Peter Andreevich Pavlenko said that 75% of exports to this country are Russian oil, gas and coal. The task of the Vladimir enterprises is to take a niche in the remaining 25%.

- It is not easy to work in the Japanese market, because the Japanese consumer is very demanding. The Japanese economy is the third largest after the U.S. and China. If they import goods here, it is only through trusted suppliers. There are large trading houses in Japan; there are only six in the whole country. It is through them that everything the Japanese need is bought from abroad. However, if you manage to enter the Japanese market, you will get reliable partners and stable sales channels, - explained Pyotr Pavlenko.

During the meeting Petr Andreevich Pavlenko answered the questions of all VCNS-participating companies. He promised to help in solving the problem of JSC "KEMZ", which is working with a Japanese company on the joint assembly of machine tools.

 As for the food industry enterprises, Petr Pavlenko advised them to visit specialized exhibitions. Only there they could be noticed by the suppliers of Trading Houses, in this case they would have a chance to enter the local market.

- It should be understood that the Japanese highly appreciate the quality of any product. They want the best of everything. The competition is very high. Entering the market, you need to clearly calculate the logistics, so that it does not significantly increase the cost of production, - emphasized the trade representative.

Here are some tips for cooperation with Japan:
- there is a demand in Japan for products of the chemical, food industry, as well as valuable timber and prefabricated houses;  
- The best way to enter the Japanese market with the goods is through international specialized exhibitions;
- water purification technology is unlikely to find a response here, since water purification in Japan has already been put on a high level;
- Glassware in Japan is cheap, so Russian glass products have a chance if they have a Japanese motif.

Japan buys crystal from France and Germany. But this does not mean that high quality Russian crystal will not be in demand here.

Special attention was paid to tourism. According to the trade representative, the interest in the Vladimir region for the Japanese comes right after Moscow and St. Petersburg. An active visit to our region is possible only if the level of comfort of local hotels and their cost will be equal. Japanese in perfectly prepared tours gladly spend their money on delicious food, souvenirs and cultural program.

In this regard, it was decided to think about organizing tours to the Vladimir region for Japanese tour operators.


Japan takes 47th place among 115 foreign trade partners of the Vladimir region. According to the results of 2020 the foreign trade turnover between the Vladimir region and Japan was 6,33 mln. It increased by 6,61% (by 0,39 mln. dollars) in comparison with the same indicator of 2019. The share of foreign trade turnover with Japan is 0.31% of the total foreign trade turnover of the region.

However, the increase in foreign trade turnover in 2020 was accompanied by a change in its structure. Thus, import of products from Japan increased by 6.77% (by 592 thousand US dollars), with a significant decrease in export of products from the Vladimir region to Japan by 42% (by 8.4 thousand US dollars).

Import of products traditionally prevails in the structure of foreign trade turnover between the Vladimir Region and Japan, which accounts for more than 99% of foreign trade turnover. According to the results of 2020 imports amounted to 6321 thousand US dollars. In 2020 imports amounted to $6321 thousand, exports - $11.6 thousand. THE TOTAL IMPORTS OF GOODS IN 2020 AMOUNTED TO USD 6321 THOUSAND. At the same time, as a part of total imports of the region, imports with Japan is 0.469%, and exports - 0.002%.

Thus, the Japanese market seems very promising and attractive for the Vladimir region. All those who are interested in it, please, contact the Export Support Center by phone 8 (4922) 22-25-98 or e-mail kochetkova@export33.ru.


9 April 2021
Regional News

April 9 is the second day of the St. Petersburg International Motor Show. The key event of the business program today is the seminar "Working in the Aftermarket".

8 April 2021
Regional News

Today, on April 8, "St. Petersburg International Automobile Salon 2021" was solemnly opened in "Expoforum". It is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the first Russian car in St. Petersburg.