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9 June 2021
Implementing the national project "International Cooperation and Export," LLC "FB Fish" (https://www.fish33.ru/) from Vladimir signed a foreign economic contract with the company "Belfood Production" (Vitebsk, Belarus).

The contract amount is more than one million rubles. Frozen fish was delivered to Belarus.  
The company "FB Fish" has been in the market of fish products for 15 years. It produces fresh-frozen fish and seafood in individual containers. The products are manufactured under its own trademark "Vladimirskaya Rybka".

- This is a vacuum-packed fish product. It perfectly preserves its gustatory qualities. The fish, packed in airless medium, does not oxidize, and retains its beautiful appearance during the whole period of realization, - the company's website says.  
The contract was made possible after the company had asked the Vladimir Region Export Support Center to look for a partner abroad, more precisely in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: it took less than a month for the company to get from the moment it applied to the Center to sign the contract!
- Searching for a partner abroad turned out to be one of the most popular services of our Center in 2020. Last year 69 companies turned to us with various requests.

The CIS countries were of most interest, but in addition there were also such countries as: UK, India, Italy, Iran, China, Mongolia, USA, Japan. This year this service is also in great demand. In five months the number of requests from Vladimir companies amounted to 18 applications. I remind you that the "Search for a partner abroad" service is absolutely free. It is provided by the Center at the expense of state subsidies, - explained Vladimir Strelkov, specialist of the Vladimir region Export Support Center.   
If your company also needs to find a buyer abroad, you should contact our Center, specialist Vladimir Strelkov: v.strelkov@export33.ru8 (4922) 22-25-98


17 June 2021
Regional News

As part of the national projects "International Cooperation and Export", "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship" Export Support Center held a meeting of Vladimir entrepreneurs with the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

17 June 2021
Regional News

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the third reading amendments to the Tax Code, which exempt from taxation state measures to support exporters.