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2 June 2021
On May 27 and 28 in Vladimir, in the park-hotel "Voznesenskaya Sloboda" a series of events took place in the framework of the Entrepreneurship Week. The organizer was the Export Support Center of the Vladimir region.

Businessmen-exporters from all over the region gathered in "Voznesenskaya Sloboda" on May 27. They became the participants of master-class "Features of the organization of exhibition and fair activity and negotiation process in the Middle East and South-East Asia".

MC was held by Valeria Krems, the experienced business-trainer, development director of RusGlobalExport.

- The theme of MC is related to the Middle East. And I am sure that today Russian businessmen should study this very region very attentively. The market and the mentality is not easy, but there is a real opportunity to find your niche there. For members of the Arab world, our country is "all Siberia and cold". Hence they conclude that the foodstuffs there are perfectly preserved. Well, great, we will focus on environmental friendliness and long-term preservation of our products! If food products - we need to be ready for certification. For all kinds of fats. If any other products, you have to correctly calculate the logistics and know all your competitors in this market, international and regional. And, of course, to find your partners and consider distribution correctly," said Valeriya Gennadyevna.

The speaker shared her personal experience and spoke about what, indeed, can come in handy when participating in trade fairs in the Middle East.

What is worth selling in this market and what is not even worth starting. How to properly present yourself at an international exhibition.

- It may seem a trifle to some, but the most ordinary wet wipes will be an object of prime necessity for you at the exhibition! You will understand it when the first visitors leave fingerprints on the glass of the stand, and you need to fix its untidy appearance! - says Valeria Gennadyevna.

Communication took place in a format of dialogue, which was highly appreciated by the Vladimir entrepreneurs.

- Of course, you can make up your own lumps, but why, when you are shown these rakes and they will be taken properly. We are now participating in various exhibitions, including international ones, through the Export Support Center. I think that all this will help us establish excellent supplies abroad. To be honest, I don't know how long we would have gone to the positive moments that we have achieved now with the help of the Export Support Center," said Maxim Myasnikov, regional manager of Gorokhovets Manufactory.

By the way, last year the Center spent 54 million rubles to support exporters. In spite of the pandemic, the level of supply of goods abroad in the region increased - by 13.5 percent. This year the entrepreneurial community intends to achieve even higher indicators.


On the same day there was one event - a round table for export-oriented enterprises of the Vladimir region on the topic "Institute of responsible exporter".

The moderators were Pavel Shibilov, director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Vladimir region export support center". Pavel Shibilov and his deputy Dmitry Menshov.

- We divided "Responsible Exporter Institute" into three subtopics. These are internal responsibility, responsibility to a foreign buyer, and responsibility to the state. The status of exporter is not only an honorary title. This imposes certain obligations," emphasized Pavel Shibilov, Director of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Center for Export Support of the Vladimir Region".

Administration of the Vladimir Region was represented at the round table by Andrei Naumov, Deputy Director of the Department of Economic Development of the Vladimir Region, Head of Foreign Economic Activity Department. He repeatedly entered into a dialogue with the entrepreneurs, letting them know that they can safely apply for support from the regional administration on a variety of issues.

However, none of the guests of the event had any reason to doubt it. The round table was attended by:

Vadim Shmakov, General Director of LLC "New Resource";
Sergey Karasyov, Commercial Director of "Diet Prom" Ltd;
General Director of LLC "Decorstyleglass" Irina Demchenko;
Maksim Myasnikov, Regional Manager of Gorokhovets Manufaktura LLC;
Individual entrepreneur Sergey Shiryaev;
Vitaly Nikuyko, Head of Foreign Trade Department of RM Nanotech JSC;
Oleg Kuzin, General Director of LLC "Acrylan";
Artyom Fomichev, General Director of Gefesd;
Mikhail Obukhov, Sales Manager of LLC Stekloeksport;
Deputy General Director of LLC "Bergus" Natalya Lukashova;
Konstantin Evseev, General Director of Eva Glass Glass Plant LLC;
Director of INPP Initsiativa LLC Sergey Kuzmin;
Irina Baikova, VED Manager of LLC "Garnets";
Evgeny Shvetsov, Sales Manager of JSC "Veterinary Preparations Plant".

All the participants of the discussion noted that it was a very useful experience, which made it possible to ask the questions directly and get the answers right away.

It should be noted that the round table was broadcasted live and watched by 18 thousand people.


17 June 2021
Regional News

As part of the national projects "International Cooperation and Export", "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship" Export Support Center held a meeting of Vladimir entrepreneurs with the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

17 June 2021
Regional News

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the third reading amendments to the Tax Code, which exempt from taxation state measures to support exporters.