10 – 14 February 2020

On February 10-14, 2020, the 27th international exhibition of food products, drinks and raw materials for their production will be held at the Expocenter Central Exhibition Complex (Moscow). Prodexpo is the largest international food and beverage exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe.

30 stores - food and drinks from around the world
2417 participants from 69 countries
66915 visitors from 112 countries
over 120 federal and regional networks

Prodexpo presents food from all over the world: from basic foods and drinks for every day to delicacies, as well as organic, sports nutrition, for a healthy lifestyle, halal, kosher, exotic products. The largest exposition of alcoholic drinks and wines from more than 30 countries is collected here.

It is at Prodexpo that manufacturers launch new products, trademarks and brands. Annually, the exhibition presents up to 14% of new products.

Opportunities in terms of the volume of producer participants and distributors also have a wide range - from deliveries to federal chains to parties to small shops and exclusive to restaurants.
That is why Prodexpo gathers buyers of federal and local networks - strategic customers of the food industry in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Union, representatives of HoReCa - restaurants, bars, cafes.

The administration of the 33rd region, represented by the Export Support Center, is organizing a collective stand for Vladimir enterprises. It will take 28 square meters. It is designed for 7 companies. We remind you that the rental of space and the development of the booth are paid by the Export Support Center.

The Export Support Center invites you to participate in the Prodexpo 2020 exhibition of Vladimir manufacturers. To do this, you need to write a letter to our mail: info@export33.ru or call: +7 (4922) 22-25-88, +7 (4922) 22-25-98.



19 May 2020
Regional News

Today we are starting a series of materials telling about Vladimir exporters. What do they produce, how do they survive in difficult times, what plans do they make, and do they consider the crisis a time for new opportunities?

15 May 2020
Regional News

REC experts analyzed changes in international demand due to the effects of coronavirus.